7things that Ceramic Venner can do for your Smile ; 7种牙贴可以带来的改变

1. Smileline 笑容曲线
2. Size 牙齿大小
3. Shape 牙齿形状
4. Colour 颜色
5. Symmetry 左右不对称
6. Stability 全陶瓷牙贴不易碎裂
7. Smile the way you like 爱怎么笑都行

Dental Whitening 美白牙齿


Part 2 Type of Whitening 美白牙齿 :
Dental Clinical Whitening or Home Whitening 诊所美白或家用美白

Clinic whitening can improve shade 2-3 immediately ,Can last 6-12months

Home Whitening , 家用美白
Can Enhance the result and make effect more lasting 可以使得效果更好更持久

After whitening 美白之后
Avoid heavy staining food or drinks
Can use toothmousse to reduce sensitivity 可使用保护剂减少敏感


Diploma Implantology Italy

Diploma Implantology 🇮🇹🇬🇷 🇲🇾 🇸🇬

After a 2years implant programme and 3years implant journey with specialist Dr Henry Ho , Dr Simon Ng from Singapore under Iadet SG and many patient that participate with me in cases of implant training ; implant presentation in AAP2018 , tremendous efforts spent, with the support of my clinic team , a long journey , with my implant batchmate i finally made it to examination.

Im gladly return with 😍
Certificate of implant diploma Naples University of Federico II Italy 🇮🇹
Athens Dental institute Greece 🇬🇷
Sename Implantology Association

Professor Gilberto Sammartino Universiti of Federico II ITALY 🇮🇹 ;
Prof Konstantinos Valavanis @ Athens dental institute Greece 🇬🇷



BRACES 矫正/绑牙/ 牙龈修复

牙齿矫正 ; 微小纠正可以带来很大的改变
Little Change bring A lot Different

矫正/绑牙可以修复上下牙突出 ; 可以更正龅牙情况
骨钉可以帮助牙齿移动的比较进 ; 并且把牙齿往上移动更改牙龈问题;
骨钉一般需要麻醉之后放在大牙牙脚之间,一般不会疼痛, 治疗完成后拆除

Braces can help to move the protrusive upper and lower front teeth to go in

Gum Shaping can help to extend the level of the tooth. so lessy gummy appearance

Bone Screw can help to bring front teeth move back More and bring teeth Up so less gummy appearance.



Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 1.42.59 PM.png    Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 1.41.18 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 1.45.31 PM.png   Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 1.46.21 PM.png



Invisalign 隐形牙套矫正


Want to do braces but worry too much..
A series of CLEAR aligner that move the teeth magically , do braces even without others notice
简易使用, 隐形整牙

Advantages :
No bracket , No ulcer , No Wire
Less food trap, Less pain
Less clinical visit
Easier to take care the hygiene of teeth
Most Reliance aligner use globally , Thin coverage for greatest comfort
Move the teeth in predictable way

Not suitable for severe cases
More costly
Must compliance to instruction and wear aligner



Age Limit for braces 矫正牙齿年龄限制吗?

Braces can be done as long as your gum and teeth is healthy.
If you think you can live untill 90y/o, then doing braces at age 40, you may still acheive beautiful smile for another 50 years ^^
40岁矫正还可以拥有美美健康的笑容50年 🙂
   Screenshot 2017-09-28 20.31.22.png      Screenshot 2017-09-28 20.31.45.png
Screenshot 2017-09-28 20.31.28.png
Screenshot 2017-09-28 20.31.40.png
Special thanks to Mr Sin for sharing the photo.